At St. Marks Dog Resort, our expert dog trainer can work closely with your pup to address the behaviors that are concerning to you. To meet the unique needs of the pup and the parent, we offer several training styles and programs. These classes consist of:

Class Description What You’ll Learn Duration Price
Puppy Training Goal to build a communication bridge between puppy and pet parent also addressing socialization & preventing common problem behavior via Pawsitive reinforcement. Sit 6 weeks $219
Leave it / Take it
Touch “Come”
Focus “Watch Me”
With Me
Beginner Training Introductory class for Dogs with no previous training, will utilize Pawsitive reinforcement to teach basic manners with impulse control & relationship-building exercises. Also focuses on redirection techniques, loose-leash walking, & basic commands. Sit 6 weeks $219
Stay “Wait”
Leave it / Take it
Touch “Come”
Focus “Watch Me”
With Me
Intermediate Training This class is great for dogs who already know basic cues and want to achieve the same results with external distractions incorporated. Additionally developing sensory and memory skills. Heel & Come to Heel 6 weeks $219
Laying down in place
Tuck “Under”
Drop on recall
Sit & Down at a distance
Sit, stay out of sight
Down, stay out of sight
Advanced Training Strengthens your dog’s behaviors to provide faster & more consistent responses & helps improve reliability. Goal to establish manners while out & about, advanced heel with distractions & brain stimulation that will help utilize physical energy via mental stimulation. Color Differentiation 6 weeks $219
Walk with purpose
Supervised Separation
Reaction to Distraction
Private 30 min Assessment Just you, your dog, and the instructor. Evaluation and plan outline to accomplish goals. $35
Private 1 HR Just you, your dog, and the instructor. A great option for pets in need of extra attention. $99
Private 3 HR $289